Sunday, May 19, 2013

When it rains, it pours.

This is my mission rain coat that I got to break in this week. 
How exciting. 
I get to Chile right smack-dibbity-dab in the middle of "winter". Apparently, winter consists of rain and wind. Oh, and no heat. That's cool. Literally. 
This has been a slight worry of mine, just because I think I have SAD (seasonal...something...disorder...), 
or maybe I just got carried away diagnosing myself with various diseases when I was reading my health textbook...
either way, I don't appreciate cold weather. 

But, you know, it will all work out. 
Mission calls are cool like that.
The Lord knows what you can handle, and even if you are tried and tested, he won't leave you comfortless. 
(John 14:18). 

So, back to me. 
Oh, wait, we never left. 

I have LESS THAN 50 days left. 
Honestly, it hasn't sunk in. 
The only thing sinking in right now is the pressure to get everything done before I go.

Here's the situation, 
I like everything that is related to a mission, 
but Satan doesn't like that I like it. 

I feel inadequate and worried, and it comes in phases. 
I feel like Satan pours thoughts into my head slowly, 
like the big water buckets at water parks,
and then suddenly, BAM. I get hit with all of the negative thoughts simultaneously. 
Really, it isn't nice. 

The funny thing is, Heavenly Father works the exact same way,
only with positive contributions to the big water bucket. 
Slowly, the Spirit works on me and prepares me. 
I get humbled, taught, encouraged, and uplifted...
then BAM. 
I get hit with blessing and miracles that I didn't even know I needed. 

It's a journey, I tell ya. 

Cuarenta y seis dias mas hasta Chile! 
(46 more days until Chile!)

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