Sunday, May 12, 2013


This amazingly beautiful woman has taught me more than anyone else. We butt heads often, but it is getting better as I grow up and learn that she is always right. The older I get, the more I realize I have adopted some of the traits that she has (sadly, not all of them...I can't exercise as well as she does.).

She has taught me that a clean and simple home will bring the Spirit, and clutter distracts and doesn't invite clear thoughts and actions.

She has taught me that to make a friend, you have to be one.

She has taught me to not let other's words get to me...ok, I am still working on this one, but she is a great example.

She has taught me to serve. She doesn't see me in action often because our methods of serving are different,  but I have seen the happiness that comes to her when she serves, and I try to have that in my life.

She has taught me to always look my best. Some people may think it is "vain" to wear nice clothes and dress and look cute, but my mom has taught me a principle about looking good. To shower everyday, to do your hair and make up, and to exercise and feel good about your body makes you look polished and ready to serve. You represent the Lord in all your actions, and it is just a fact that people are more likely to approach you when you are confident with how you dress,  look, and smell! End of story. She will have the cutest sister missionaries in the world, I'm sure. hahah.

She has taught me that trials are good for us. She has showed me how to make it through hard financial times while still being a supportive wife and mother. She has taught us to be frugal with how I eat and what I buy.

She has force fed my siblings and me vegetables since we could chew. There has to be something good about that, right?

She accepts any calling. Whether it be a mom, a primary chorister, a stake young women's president, or a mission president's companion, she is ready to learn the role and give 110%. I know she sometimes feels inadequate, but her willingness to serve always pulls her through the challenges.

She encouraged me to go on a mission when I was doubting myself. She is about to be a "mom" to about 200 missionaries in Redlands, California, and I know they will love her every bit as much as I do.

 Thanks for all you do, Mom!

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