Monday, April 28, 2014

April 21st

Dearest Family and Friends,
Happy late Easter! We celebrated by going to church and being asked to give talks next week. I´m nervous.
My jaw is having problems and I can´t hear out of my right ear because my face swollen. I sound hideous, I know, but it isn´t as bad looking as it sounds. Except it makes me feel like it is fatter than normal when my companion prays that ¨Hermana VanCott´s face won´t be fat¨... but thankfully that is because she didn´t know the word for swollen in spanish and apologized right after.
Well, transfers happened. It looks like we are safe until the 2nd of June, but I hope for longer! Hermana Burnett is pretty much awesome and we have a great time together. She has had so many funny one-liners this week. I didn´t write them down though...lame. I will be more attentive this week so you can all enjoy her funnies, too.
Last week we went hiking for Pday and we loved it! So, we did that again today, this time just Hermana Burnett and I. We made it through the cemetary and up the hill just fine. Then we sat there and looked out over the view of a smog filled city and decided we miss real nature. But, it was fun to pretend for a while!
Yesterday we felt like it was Halloween instead of Easter. Every house we went to loaded us up with chocolate. I have a pretty good food storage now. :)
When my companion was in divisions this week she saw animal hats in a street sell and bought them. They keep us warm during studies. I feel like I have completely lost all sense of style. Going to attach a picture for you to laugh.
I don´t have much to say. We have shared more with Familia Figueroa Molina, and yesterday we were able to share with some of their extended family, too. It was so cool to see these once VERY Catholics explaining to their Catholic relatives how we don´t need to do everything through Saints because we can speak directly to Heavenly Father. They also testified of The Book of Mormon. Pretty much we are just WAITING so VERY patiently for them to decide to get baptized...someday. For now we can just keep teaching and praying. Tonight we have a family home evening planned in the house of a member with them, so we are really getting the ward involved. They´ve shared with about 4 different families now.
We have also found a lot of new investigators through a new program called ¨El Rescate¨. Pretty much it is a program used to stalk the people who got baptized and then disappeared. We visted with a great family last night with 4 young single adults, the dad, and the mom. Only the mom is baptized, but she wants to relearn everything and the two youngest kids and the dad are really interested.
The work continues! Time is flying, I can´t believe it. Soon we´ll be skyping and you can see my white winter skin. haha.
Love you all! Have a great week and don´t forget to LOOK UP....

Read that talk and think about how you could set goals and apply it to your own challenges!
Hermana VanCott

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