Monday, April 28, 2014

April 14th (Sorry it is Late)

Dear Family,
I feel like I am trapped in a 99 year old body with all the aches and pains going on. Somehow Hermana Burnett caught a flu bug this last week. I say ¨somehow¨ because every house we enter has a sicky in it, so I am not really surprised. The poor girl was up at 3 in the morning on Thursday. She shut herself in the bathroom, and it wasn´t very peaceful sounding. I kept waking up to help her, and ended up helping her get situated on the ground with the ¨throw up bucket¨. I loathe the throw up bucket.
I woke up and kept on trying to help her feel comfortable. She was miserable and squirmy, but in my mind I was like ¨phew, at least I don´t have it.¨ ...
Exactly 12 hours later at 3 pm that day I was hit with the bug. Since all we have are bug infested beds, plastic study chairs, and sofas that were made for hobbits, we vouched for a crafted bed on the tile floor out of every blanket we could find. I layed there in my sleeping bag all day...waking up to dart to the bathroom. Hermana Burnett and I spoke a grand total of 20 words to eachother with the energy that we had. We took turns answering the phone and explaining that we were which we got the reply of ¨Por eso su español es tan terrible hoy!¨ If you didn´t understand that, at least you get the picture with ¨terrible¨ and ¨español¨.
Our ward mission leader brought us a few liters of gatorade to help us have energy and stay hydrated. The latinas that we live with tried to force feed us a variety of nasty sounding thing, but we settled for some plain white rice and it was nice of them to help us.
Anywho, we got feeling better after 2 days down and Saturday and Sunday were successful days! We taught ¨the law of the fast¨ to our GOLDEN family. They committed to fast with us this Sunday. The son, 24 year old Bayron who ONE DAY will be a general authority, told us that he was going to a party with some friends. This party went ALL night on Saturday... but he still told us he would be at church.
At church we were pleased to see them all, including half-asleep Bayron. He even told us after the meeting that he had kept his commitment to fast! Say whhhhhaaaat? A 24 year old goes to a party all night, fasting, and shows up dressed nicely for church? I am excited for the day when that family gets baptized. Someday soon, I hope.
Hermana Burnett and I bore our testimonies yesterday. It was scary. I took it for granted that I don´t have people fear when I am speaking to English people.
Chile is having problems. Earthquakes, problems with the ocean, with a whole city that is currently being burned...I´m calling it ¨The Last Days¨.
We continue to see miracles, even if they are little ones, every day. We have started to do ¨casual contacts¨. We pass by the house of the person, talk about their family or work or school, offer service, wish them a good day, and leave. We do this in between our appointments. It´s like contacting...but to me it feels like a ¨preparation¨process to help the people be more receptive. The next time we see them we ask them about what they told us, show interest in them as people, and then testify. There is ALWAYS something that we can tie into the gospel, even during the first visit. Then, later on, we ask if they have 5 minutes. There we can share the shortened version of the Preach My Gospel lessons and ask if we can continue visiting them. So far we have been INVITED back 2 times, which is two times more than before we were doing this whole thing. People just need to know that we are normal people who have good intentions. They need to know that we aren´t here to force to gospel down their throats, but to help them increase the faith that they ALREADY have and help them to recieve answers to the questions that they have.
Well, I love you all! Hope you are doing well. By the lack of emails I assume you are all in the midst of finals and life, but just know that you are in my prayers! Make time for the important things and the Lord will make up for the rest.
Love you,
Hermana VanCott

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