Thursday, June 6, 2013

Snakes on planes. Llamas in Peru. Lauren in Chile.

I have had terrible insomnia the past week, 
mostly because I am excited, but also due to nerves. 

Travel plans came, and apparently I get to fly to not one, but TWO, Spanish speaking airports. Lima, Peru is the stop before I arrive in Chile. 

There is a letter I will receive, and it will be in all Spanish. I can give the letter to people in the airports and they will understand why I am at the airport and where I need to get to. 
That's all that matters, eh? 

If I don't get to where I am supposed to...
just know that I will be in some Spanish country singing the Spanish "days of the week" song,
since that is all I remember from junior high. 
I might also pet some llamas while in Peru. 

Either way, let's hope & pray that Hermana VanCott will arrive in Chile

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