Monday, June 10, 2013


The Lord knows what you (& ME) are capable of. 

Yesterday morning I had an mini-anxiety attack as I contemplated this week's activities.
I have been called to be over the 6th year "YCLs" at this weeks girls camp. 
When the call was extended to me, I knew (and so did everyone offering me the calling) that I would be in a mess of mission preparation, especially with my family leaving as well. 

Between girls camp, teaching primary and mission, I have been busier than a bee.
Busier than the busiest bee. 

However, the Lord knows me. 
These callings are teaching me to rely on my faith. 

I have faith every day that I will be able to accomplish the "to do" list,
and when I show Heavenly Father my faith through my actions, He provides me with the time and capabilities to accomplish what needs to be done. (and even allows a few minutes to blog! :))

I hope this isn't coming off as, "look at me, I have a lot to do!".
I just want you to know that I have a testimony of accepting callings, because they are extended to you by the Lord, and He will provide a way for you to accomplish them. 

Our (me & my parents) Sacrament meeting talks are this next Sunday, June 16th at 2:50 pm. 
400 W 120 N, Orem UT. 

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