Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Adversary.

Satan is real, and you better believe he is the devil. I know I am still supposed to show charity, but I really hate him right now. As I have been preparing to go through the temple for my first time it seems like everything in my life is a DISASTER.  Coincidence? I think NOT. Satan knows our weaknesses, and he preys on them. 

For me, my weakness is time management. Oh, I need to study Preach My Gospel and read the Book of Mormon before bed? TOO BAD, looks like I forgot to do my English assignment and will have to do that instead. Life is difficult when I forget to prioritize. 

I also struggle with being stressed (don't we all?).  Those who know me understand how I take on a little too much. Full time school, two church callings, and my side-business of photography keep me going 24/7. Add mission prep on that and I have no idea where the day went. Being busy is good, but this hectic schedule leaves no time to unwind and feel the peace that comes from the Spirit. When my life is so full of chaos, there is no way I can tune into the Holy Ghost. 

There are only 3 more weeks of school. I am so excited to watch general conference this weekend and not worry about anything else. You better believe I am working my tail off to get all my school & work responsibilities done so I can dedicate those 4 hours on Saturday and Sunday to the voice of the Lord being spoken through a modern day prophet and apostles. 

I know that the adversary is real, and that is part of my testimony.  If  I don't acknowledge the role that Satan is trying to play in my life I wouldn't be able to acknowledge the Holy Ghost and the comfort, peace, and enlightenment it brings. 

I feel so blessed to have the gift of the Holy Ghost. 

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  1. So well put! You will be a great missionary!