Sunday, April 21, 2013


When you receive your mission call, the fourth page in your mission packet is a "General Instructions Checklist". After that page, there are several other checklists to help you prepare. There a checklist for clothes, travel,  immunizations (not fun), and for mailing instructions. Even though it looks a little overwhelming, it is a step by step process.

Today I finished writing my acceptance letter. It was a special experience for me to sit down and focus on what I was committing to. I was signing a physical document that said I was going to serve for a year and a half. This may come as a surprise, but writing my acceptance letter was the first time that I didn't have doubts.

When I am acting on my decision to serve, the adversary isn't able to annoy me. When I am studying, reading, and going about my daily activities with the intentions of preparing for a mission, Satan has less affect on my attitude. so HAH. "Who's on the Lord's side, who?"

I know this seems like something I am dwelling on, but really, the adversary makes me question and doubt things that I never have before. He's just frustrated that there is such a mighty force of saints ready to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ.  This is a real battle we are waging, and as my friend, Bryce, commented to me "Onward Christian Soldiers" (also hymn #246).

Though there is a lot to do and a lot to prepare, remember:  We are making battle preparations.


  1. Thank you so much for writing this. I found you via blog stalking. I'm planning on serving a mission at the end of this December, and this was encouraging to read. I especially like what you wrote about how you have doubts almost all the time; I most certainly do. What I've come to learn, though, is that having doubts doesn't mean I don't have faith. I've had to learn (really learn, not just know) that faith means not letting fear keep you back from serving the Lord. So thanks, this was encouraging :)

    1. P.S. You know that beautiful red head cousin of yours? She's a good and childhood friend of mine :)

    2. Karen,
      Thanks for taking the time to comment! You are going to be a great missionary, and the adversary knows that. Doubts will come non stop, because the adversary wants to stop the building up of the kingdom of God. Stay firm in your faith and review your testimony to yourself often! I'm excited for you to serve, you'll have to write me and tell me where you get called!
      Ps. The red headed cousin sounds vaguely familiar... ;) any friend of Eva's is a friend of mine! (And vis versa)