Monday, July 21, 2014

July 14, 2014 - Home, Home on the Range!


I feel so lost and confused. President called me on Saturday to say ¨Sister VanCott, I am happy that you were able to see Patricio´s baptism. The Lord needs you now in PIRQUE.¨

Pirque. Here is what I have seen of Pirque in a nutshell.....

Outdoor ovens made out of clay.
Rivers with little sketchy bridges.
Stray dogs.
Dirt roads.

Hello, I am living in the countryside! It is the biggest area in our mission, and its about 1/3 of the whole mission. We live with two other sisters. My companion is Hermana Diaz from Argentina... she has 8 siblings. Her dad just passed away a few months ago, so I think that has been hard on her from what I can tell. But, we are going to work and work and work until we can´t work anymore.

The area that I am in is a branch. I heard we have a baptism this Sunday, but obviously I don´t know them yet. Hermana Jennings used to be here with Hermana Diaz, and her parents just picked her up. We have spent the day with them, eating lunch with a member family. It made me miss home a bit. I got to take all of their pictures of them seeing each other for the first time and all, so that was fun!

Oh, also, before I left El Parque I got to ¨serve¨ the Bishop. You see, the bishops wife is pregnant and so they had a baby shower. Just turns out that Bishop had a reaaaaalllly nice camera. He asked us to help at the baby shower, and knowing that I love photos he gave ME the responsibility of taking pictures. It was like service/therapy. Bishop was really mad and didn´t believe me when I told him I had changes...haha.

All of the sisters were like ¨Ahhh, I only got to give you lunch once!¨ and Patricio was all like, ¨You came, got me baptized, and now you are ditching us!¨ I told him he should have taken longer to decide to get baptized because then I could have stayed longer... haha. Just kidding.

Pirque is awesome. I think it is going to be the place where I stay for the next five and a half months! Our house is really nice. We are going to be walking a toooon. The next month of winter will be hard, but when spring rolls around I am going to be one happy camper. Literally, it´s like we´re camping.

Right now it is raining. I should say ¨flooding¨ because, if we´re being completely honest, the dirt roads don't support even a drizzle of water. We had to travel into the closest city to write, so that is fun. In the future we will be writing in the mornings, though. Just so ya´ll know and don't procrastinate!

I´m really excited. I feel like the last month has been a confusing dream and I am worried that my brain isn´t going to learn this batch of names very quickly. Prayers are greatly appreciated.

Pretty sure that once again I will get to be the ward pianist. Imma gonna be playin´those simplified hymns like Mozart when I get home.

I love you all! This week I am boring, but I will have some good stories for you soon! Promise!

Hermana VanCott

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