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Hello Gringos! July 28, 2014

Hello there. Another week has started here in Pirque! For Pday we hosted a Little lunch at our house. I ate and then took a nap and wrote letters because it´s Pday and speaking Spanish is not my favorite thing to do. #antisocialmissionaryprobs
Then I woke up because they wanted top lay volleyball and obviously that requires me being with my companion outside. So, we played. Can I just say, it was worse tan playing with a bunch of beehives. We couldn´t even get one hit in! Oh well. It was fun….
At night we went exploring to an area called ¨Los Silos¨ to find some investigators. I will never return there again at night. It was like a horror movie. Fog rising off of the field, old houses missing windows, dogs with rabies jumping out of the bushes…
Sweet dreams.
The morning routine: I get out of bed, after praying of course, and shake the bunk bed as I get down. None of the other three are in prayer position yet. Next, the light. Still no sign of life.  I go to the bathroom. Then I put the ¨Getting Ripped with Hermana Wright¨ dvd on. I do it. Now everyone is starting to fall out of bed, shuffle around like zombies, and bump into walls and furniture. Progress. #iguesswalkingtothebathroomcountsasmorningexercise
Hello again. Here is some life advice…never be 20 miles from home when your companion starts to say ¨My stomach hurts…¨or else you will be in a sticky situation. My poor companion couldn´t walk five steps without gagging. Then we got on the bus, traveling a bumpy dirt road, for a twenty minute wild ride. We entered the house and she went into the porcelain throne … and…well that doesn´t need to be described. She came out and stared at me and said very seriously ¨When I am sick, one of my eyes is bigger tan the other, I don´t know which right now, but its true.¨ Then died and slept on the ground.
Today I got to teach piano for service to a cute 13 year old girl. I felt like a hypocrite, but it was pretty basic.
I am so glad that I practiced simplified hymns for a few minutes in my lifetime.
Now it´s Friday.
Last night I hurried and made fudge for a Ward activity that we are having tomorrow. I made it earlier because we have 1 pan and Hermana Volkert is going to make brownies to take.
The story ends when I let everyone lick the pot. Now half of the fudge is gone. We´re depressed chocolate addicts, no big deal. The good news is: The Missionaries will still provide brownies.
This morning I went running with Hermana Volkert. There was a really annoying dog barking at our heals for like a quarter mile. Finally it left us alone. On our way back, we saw the same dog. Dead. With an eyeball missing. Then we came home and ate more fudge to console us. I keep singing ¨The Circle of Life¨ and am probably going to study the plan of salvation today. #traumatized
Tonight we have the baptismal interview for Andres. I don´t know how we´re going to tell our city slicker district leader how to get to his house. I imagine it will go something like this:
Wait for the bright green bus with the stickers of Jesus and Elvis Presely side by side.
Enjoy the body odor and sudden stops every 30 seconds.
Look out the window, count 300 cows. When you see a green fence, you´re still not close.
Keep going. Start singing ¨The wheels on the bus go round and round¨ if you get bored.
See the Little mountain in front of you?  Cool. Stay on the bus. Don´t move.
The store that supposedly sells cow milk but never opens will be to your left. Feel free to miss Weber Farms chocolate milk for a momento. Shed a tear. Suck it up, you´ve got  n interview to do!
Count to 30 if the bus driver is sober, 10 if not, then get off the bus.
Walk straight and avoid the wild cow crap at all costs…if you happen to step into it, smile and stop breathing through your nose. 
At the end of the dirt road, you{ll see a fence. Pull it back and wait for 40 dogs to greet you.
Walk straight to the house.
Yell ¨Alo¨and we´ll come out to meet you.
Collect 200 pesos.
The end. 
Post script: The elders arrived safely and on time. A little traumatized, but that´s all.
Andres passed the interview! He was sooooo happy and his wife, too. She will be baptized someday. Soon. We have faith.
After that we went to Old Victor and Maria{s house to enjoy their Wood burning stove and talk about the plan of salvation. The lesson was inspired, all the way. Maria never wants to stay and listen the whole lesson, but today the Spirit touched her heart. Their desires are to be an eternal family, and its a process to reach that point, but they did seem willing to start on the path. They promised to pray together tonight, their first time ever praying out loud together. I wish we could be there to hear it, but that would be way creepy and we{d never get a return appointment.They drive the bus that Andres and Paola´s son takes to school, so they are really excited to see Andres´baptism on Sunday. I sure hope they make it!
I´m tired and my hands are cramping up from the cold, so it´s time to eat my last spoon full of fudge and dream of sugar plums. Goodnight!
Today we had a branch activity in the house of a member. We ate sushi,  bbq sandwiches, and all types of cake. It was a random mix of food, but it was very good. It was good to get to know the members a Little more and see them in their natural habitat. I love being in this branch because everyone knows everyone and there really is a feeling that they are just a big family.
This day has been a miracle. First, it was the baptism of Andres. His wife, kids, and parents all came. His mom is an investigator and wants to get baptized, but we have to help her get married to her man first. Also, Paola, the wife of Andres is so anxious to get baptized now after seeing the changes in Andres.
Apart from that, Victor and Maria came to church! We called them in the morning and they were all perky and ready to go! They came to sacrament then had to leave, BUT they came back to see the baptism. Maria, who is the one who doesn't want much to do with us, said ¨When I get baptized, I want warm water¨…Ok, Maria. We can do that.
Also, Loreto came and stayed for all of church and the baptism. It was our ward conference and there was a great spirit in Sacrament meeting because the members were there on time and prepared spiritually. After Sacrament, Loreto said, ¨That{s it. I felt my answer. I am going to get baptized, I{d get baptized today if I could!¨She is a doll. She was so excited all day. The only thing is that she is living with a man and they have 3 kids together but aren't married. He doesn´t want much to do with us right now, but we are going to keep working. Loreto is in law school and super Sharp. She will get baptized, someday.
ALSO the less active family that was going to my old ward came to church today. Three cheers!
Hermana Diaz and I couldn´t believe it. One miracle after another. We literally didn´t talk after the baptism because we were in shock. We probably looked really attractive walking down the street with silly smiles not talking and staring off into the sunset.
I feel so blessed to be here right now. We have had a fantastic week and I am learning so much.
Elder Fisher baptized Andres because Andres has been working for Elder Fisher to repair our houses. The Fishers are a cute couple from President Wright´s stake in Oregon. They do so much and wear themselves out serving. I want to be like them when I grow up.
Well family, this is a mini summary of my week. I hope you are all well and happy and enjoying the last few weeks before school starts. Keep the emails coming, they make the week so much happier! Love you!
Hermana VanCott

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