Wednesday, June 25, 2014

June 23, 2014

Dear People,

This week has been wild and everyone that I live with, me included, is fighting a nasty cold. That´s what we get for being in the streets all day and in houses that don´t have heat. I feel spoiled to know that I have a warm house waiting for me for the second winter that I will be experiencing in Utah.

Well, the new area is great. It kind of felt like a nightmare at first just because I didn´t have time to say goodbye to anyone in my old ward and even less time to process the fact that I´d be in a whole new area....but, the Lord has helped me to get through it all. Mostly I feel like I am just a robot and somehow make it through everyday, but at least we are seeing progress!

I cleaned the light switches this morning, so now the apartment feels a little more comfortable. I started on the bathroom, so we will be finishing that up today! Little by little.

Hermana Leishman only has 2 weeks here, so it feels like we are doing a whitewash, or, starting from scratch. I like it, it is a challenge. Every area I have been in we have whitewashed, so it is fun to see the progress that happens as the work gets going again.

Our first day here had my sides aching for how much we laughed. We got to meet some real charmers, one of which is a retired prostitute (thankfully) who is 90 years old...ish. She is very nice and made sure to explain EVERYTHING about her career in detail. Sometimes I wish the gift of tongues wouldn´t work.... but, the good news is that the repentance process is a blessing and it is never too late for anyone. Her parting words to us were ¨It is better to have small breasts, because the men won´t ask you to rip off your shirt for them¨...duly noted.

I got to go to Zone Conference, again! haha. It was cool to see how they talked about the same things, but it was catered to the needs of these zones. I learned a lot about how to avoid personal apostasy. Look at me, progressing and such. Zone Conference 2.0.

Hermana Leishman is really cool. Like, we´re soul hermanas. We both are excited for exercises every morning and since day one we have been able to teach together in unity. She is very patient and knows how to work hard and have fun. I have no doubt that we will be seeing some miracles in these coming weeks.
Sadly, I let it slip that I could play a little piano, so I continue to be the ward oragnist. They chose the songs this week, and I had to top hand them. There was a 4 year old boy that wanted to ¨help¨ me, so I was fighting him off with my other hand, trying to tell him to be reverent (in Spanish), and playing all at once. I´m ready for the circus!

Everyone here thinks my name is ¨Hermana Blanca¨. Curse the fact that B and V are the same in Spanish. Oh well, I guess I can be ¨Sister White¨, too.

We are teaching an adorable family that just got here from Peru. They are so humble and accept everything. They have 4 little boys, but the only problem is that they aren´t that will be a process. We talked about the word of wisdom this week, which is usually the hardest for people to accept. They accepted it and were grateful for the new knowledge they received. Also, in the prayer, Jeni (the mom) said ¨I know that the Book of Mormon is true¨. We walked out of the garage that they are living in and both of us started tearing up with excitement and emotions! They are great.

In other news, I hit the big 20 this Friday! It will be a day like any other, with some chicken and rice for lunch and a whole lot of coldness! I´m excited for next year´s summer birthday.

Love you all and hope you have a great week! Be happy and healthy!


Hermana Lauren Van Cott

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