Monday, June 9, 2014

A Brief Reunion - June 19th 2014

Hi Familia,
This week was a wet one! All the main streets in our area turned into rivers. People looked at us like we were crazy for being out all day, but we just kept on splashing along!
I thought of some #missionaryproblems. But I don't have instagram or twitter or anything like unto it that all of you sinners are using these days, so I will just write them out old fashion style.
- You go to pray at night, hit your nose on your arm, and begin to bleed profusely fro your nose for the next half hour. That´s what I get for ¨comfortably praying¨.
- It rains and you think ¨Yay! The nice people will let us in!¨ The nice people all just tell us to take the night off and put on a heater. So nice.
- Your roommates make dessert on a day that your companion is fasting. You guiltily eat it, trying not to make noise or allow the smell to reach her nose.
-The area book has a million people who said they ¨WANT TO¨ get baptized. No house addresses.
- Packaging tape turns into a laminater for your home made visual aids.
-Your weekly food storage contains boxes of powdered milk. mmmmm.
- You are covered in dog hair about 80% of the time.
- The 5 x 10 patio turns into a track, or better said, a dog run....for sister missionaries.
- New pens are more exciting than new clothes. Hands downs.
- Isaiah doesn´t make sense in Spanish, or English.
- You think you are at Sea World because you are constantly in the ¨Splash Zone!¨. Flippin´ whales.
- Sunday rolls around and there is a shortage of toilet paper in our house. Thankfully our ward secretary gave us a cheese wheel sized role! Bad unprepared missionaries.

WELL, Happy Father´s Day this Sunday! I have a great dad who always is trying to help me be better and live up to the potential that my Heavenly Father sees in me. I feel very grateful that he has the opportunity to be the mission President to 200+ other adopted siblings, and I know that they get to learn from him, too. You´re great, President Daddykins! Love you.
In other news, this week at church we had Mario (an investigator) come with his wife, Carolina (a less active, it was her first time back in a loooong time!). We were pretty happy to see them there, and happier to see that Mario was a happy camper the whole time. So happy. happy happy happy.
Sorry, I am a little tired and lacking creativity right now.
I called my mission president to see if I could visit Eva during her lunch hour to give her a little gift. He said I could leave the package, but not see her. So, I went to leave the package and talked to a teacher for a bit. I ran into another missionary that will be serving with Eva, and then she told Eva I was there. Turns out that Eva had asked permission from the MTC president and so we were able to talk for about 15 minutes during her lunch break! She looks great. Her companion is from Brazil, and they are having a fun time trying to communicate in Spanish and international sign language! But, I will say, her Spanish is excellent! It´s hard to have patience with yourself, but she was doing so well! I am such a proud cousin!
Thanks for the Jackalope socks, my little Jackalope cousins! I love them :)
That is all I have to say. There are a lot of good things happening, and a lot of people being prepared!

I love the work and feel blessed for all that I continue to learn every day.
Have a great week! Im sooo excited to hear about Chrisitian´s call! It will make June fly by!

Love you all,
Hermana VanCott

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