Monday, May 5, 2014

Cinco de Mayo 2014

Hello Family!

Happy Cinco de Mayo! I´m not in Mexico, but I am speaking Spanish and eating Mexican food today, so I feel that I am justified in saying that.

Who wants to know what happened this week?! I do. I can´t remember much, it was so busy and time flew by!
First up we have the ward talent show. Mark Anthony guest starred in the form of the 2nd counselor of the bishopric. We also got to see Hermana Rojas, a darling elderly woman, shake it and drop it like it´s hot in the relief society number. I was afraid I was going to lose a lung because of how hard I was laughing! My roommate made animal noises...a talent that she shares with us every night after we´ve all said our prayers and are laying in bed. I like her chicken noise the best.

We taught about keeping the Sabbath Day holy this week to our prime family, but ironically enough they all slept through church. We went to their house and told them they were bad investigators, in a nice way. They told us that they felt the difference in their day for not having gone to church, so that made us happy! Also, Elder Bednar helped us teach about tithing. The dad took really well to it. We have shared about tithing before, but the dad wasn´t buying it. After watching Elder Bednar´s talk, see HERE, the dad had the chance to receive some personal revelation. His closing prayer was very sincere as he asked that ¨we can continue to get closer to your church¨.
We got to go to lunch with them on Thursday. They took us to an Italian restaurant in our sector. We showed up early, and the millions of waiters just sat there staring at us. The good thing is, they saw us bless the food and heard us talking about the gospel. I hope some seeds were planted. Eating at a restaurant was a strange experience. I felt so...civilized. Is that the word? I don´t speak English anymore, sorry.
I am excited for Mother´s day! The family bought a camera to put on their TV, so me and my companion have been dieting the past few days since now we have the privilege of showing our WHOLE bodies to our families. How fun. No more empanadas for me.

I saw a dead cat yesterday. It was traumatic.

Yesterday in church we found another song that nobody here knows, ¨For the Beauty of the Earth¨. I just kept playing and figured they would join in after they heard the first verse. I figured wrong. My companion wanted to kill me for continuing to play even though she was the only one singing. I told her that its a good thing she has a pretty voice. Now we´re friends again.

Well, not much else to say. I will talk to you next Sunday! Have a good week and be happy!
Love from Chile,
Hermana Van Cott

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