Monday, March 24, 2014

St. Patricks Day!

Dear Family,
Yes, we are wearing green even though nobody here wants to acknowledge that it is St. Patty´s. We might hit up the nice ¨Bar Pub¨ (that is what it is called) and do some contacting outside tonight. Jaja. Just kidding.
Highlights from this week are as folllows:
I feel like a four year old walking around in my velcro sketchers....and even more so when we are given juicy boxes. Sometimes I feel like I am an unqualified psychiatrist when people randomly unload on us and won´t let us tell them that we don´t need every detail about their lives in order to help them. It´s an identity crisis and emotional rollercoaster, this whole mission thing.
2. We had an ¨international foods¨ fair with our ward. We represented the US of A with a part member family whom we love very much. They helped us make cheesecake and fudge. We are teaching the Dad, the son (25), and the daughter (19). The ward was great and really involved everyone. I loved watching them dance the Cueca ( I don´t know how to spell that) but it is the national dance of Chile. I definitely am youtube-ing and learning that in 10 months. Latinos really know how to party!
3. We visited Cerro San Cristobol today! It is gorgeous. Also, it is a place where I can meet up with Eva in a few months. You can see all of the Santiago Valley from there. On top, there is the Virgin statue. I didn´t catch the full history behind it, we were in a rush, but I think it is a pretty big deal for Santiago. Someone can google it and tell me the story!

4.I bought a little surprise that I will be sending to Maxwell. He will be getting it in about a month and a half. haha.
5. My roommate got sick, and yesterday the germs landed on my companion. Poor girl is all sniffly, but she is a good worker. Energizer Bunny style. She just keeps going!
Oh, funny story. My new unofficial calling as the ward pianist took a turn yesterday. I started playing the Sacrament hymn....and I realized nobody was singing. I started over, thinking that maybe they thought I was giving an intro. Then I looked up at my companion, who was leading the music. She looked back while singing and leading, and we both had a panic attack. The members decided that since they didn´t know the song, they just wouldn´t sing. Probably the most awkward thing in the world. Stubborn Chileans. The funny thing is, the song isn´t a strange one. I´ve sung it plenty of times before. ¨He died, the Great Redeemer Died¨. Look it up, learn it. Aha. All we could do was smile. We ended up stopping and the bishopric changed the song, and we all moved right along. haha. My companion and I die laughing everytime we think about the 150 Chileans sitting with their hymn books wide open, having a staring contest with us. 
I made a countdown for General Conference with all of my favorite quotes from last conference! Really, conference is the equivillant of Christmas here in the mission. 
Well, love you all. Thanks for your notes and support. I´d love to hear from you, even just the boring day to day stuff. 
Oh, JOSH AND MARY, thank you for your package! I got it and I love it! And, Grandma, the new Motab music is fantastic! My whole neighborhood thanks you for the addition of new songs. 
Love youuuuu. Be good and stay safe!

Hermana VanCott

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