Monday, January 20, 2014

Working Hard!!

Marta, a convert of 10 years

Missionary Shadows

This kitty "Roco" was born the day I arrived.  We are the same "mission" age.
He is leaving for a new home today :(

My future car.

Hola Family & Amigos,


This week I felt like the verse that describes the Sons of Helamen (stripling warriors) that says ¨they were depressed in body as well as in spirit¨, and a little later on when it says ¨they were determined to conquer in this place or die¨. Maybe a little extreme, but that is pretty much what my letter to President Wright this week consisted of.

The summertime is rough. People are out of town, relaxing on the beach. Or, if they are in town, they have people visiting them. We are having a rough time keeping people on the progression track, but at the same time we still see miracles every day. So, not much to complain about, it is just the facts of life.

My companion´s little brother asks her in EVERY letter she has received ¨How many dogs have you seen?¨ We counted in our half hour (ish) walk home, and the grand total was 51. That is like, 3 streets worth of dogs. FYI. When I go home I might need to record the sounds of dogs barking and drunks laughing in order to sleep.

The next Monday we have changes. I get the feeling that we might be up for a change, because us 4 missionaries in my ward will have been here 6 months. No biggie, just a third of the mission! I still feel like I could stay with my companion until she leaves, but we´ll see! This week we just need to work as if we are going to die here and try to not think about changes.

This morning a big spider crawled out of my study books. I nearly fainted. Then, I remembered that I didn´t have Grandpa or Grandma or Anna to kill it for that made my heart race a bit. Don´t worry, I got it in the end. I am pretty sure the other Hermanas thought that I had just seen a rat. It´s just that I haven´t seen a spider in such a long time... oddly enough.

Joseph, Olivia, and Sienna! I am glad you are all doing well and healthy! Such a miracle! I can´t wait to meet the 42nd grandchild! It just hit me the other day that I would be 40 when she was my age. That made me reflect a ton. I feel so blessed to be the 1st born grandchild, but then I realized that I would be the old weird cousin that nobody knows that just pesters everyone to do family history work. Depressing, yet fulfilling?

EVA should be turning in papers soonish, yeah? I am so darn excited. I am maybe praying that she comes to my mission...but really, anywhere she goes she will be great!

I hope you all have a great week! Please Email me! Sorry I am not too entertaining, but I am going to attach a few pictures so I don’t have much time to type.

Enjoy your pre-valentines season. Read your scriptures and say your prayers!


Hermana Lauren Van Cott

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