Tuesday, December 3, 2013

It's December!

Hola Familia y Amigos,

I refuse to believe it is December. Firstly, because it is so darn hot. Secondly, because that means I have 5 months in the mission. It feels like I have a year...haha, jk, other way around. I can´t believe how fast time is flying!

So, I had a great (terrible) experience with the Metro (the city train) this week. We were up early and on our way to interviews with President Wright. We were at the station, and we watched 3 trains pass, FULL of people. It was like a cartoon, people´s faces were smushed against the windows and personal space did not exist in the slightest. We watched and laughed...and laughed...then we stopped laughing when we realized the trains were just getting more and more full. We couldn´t wait much longer or we were going to be late. I told my companion to ¨Think skinny thoughts¨ as we shoved our way onto the train. Half of my body was still in the door, but when the door shut I was able to be pushed into the train by the force of it (don’t worry, it’s not like I could have been chopped in half or anything). The best part was, I looked down at my little short companion who had my bag shoved in her face, and I realized that she was shorter than normal. Then, I realized my feet weren´t touching the ground. I was literally being pinned up against the glass. It was like...vertical crown surfing? Yeah. Good thing I am not claustrophobic or anything, or else that 30 minute train ride would have been hell...

Chileans don´t celebrate Thanksgiving (haa, dumb blond moment I had this week when I realized that). So, obviously we had to do something about that. We bought a Chicken and some potato chips, and cooked some veggies. We dressed the Mexicana up as Squanto, and had a feast! We even set our study table like a dinner table, how shmancy!
My companion thought that she looked like a Pilgrim with a handkerchief on her head....but she really just looked like she had a handkerchief on her head.

We had a Family Home Evening in a park in our sector for the ward - in Latino fashion, it didn´t start for about a half hour after when it was supposed to start. We had four investigators there, and we met a new investigator who was a neighbor that came out to find her sons. We had a projector and screen and showed some Mormon Messages and Joy to the World. We had some of the girls in the ward sing and play guitar. It was a success! It has been fun to see our activities bring in more and more people. The first FHE we did here only had 20 people, the second, 30, and this time over 50! It was awesome. I think I want to be an event planner when I get home. (haha, just kidding. I think I want to retire when I get home.).

Well, our next transfers are the 16 of December. I am HOPING and PRAYING to get at least one more transfer here. It would be so hard to leave right before Christmas. Oh yeah, fam, I get to Skype you for 45 minutes on Christmas! More details to come, especially after transfers.

I am sorry to bore you (Dad says I am getting too spiritual, psh. Sorry.). But I do have a cool story! Last night I had a name pop into mind as we were trying to decide who to visit for our last appointment of the night. I said it to my companion, ¨Carolina! ¨ and she said ¨yeah, we haven´t ever tried her at this hour, lets do it!¨ Then, I said, ¨uh, who is that?¨ She thought I was crazy. I just was going with the prompting. She reminded me that of who she was. It is a lady that we contacted when we first got here, but it has been really hard to find her since. We had talked to her twice more, but only long enough to see how she was doing and pray with her because she is very busy.

So, there we were, standing at her gate at 9:15 last night. I said, ¨We are just going to hand her a Book of Mormon and tell her to read it.¨ Just like that.  We yelled ¨Alo!¨ until she came out, carrying a little boy on her hip. We told her that we had a special gift for her that would help her feel more peace and be happier. Then we gave her a Book of Mormon. She smiled and said ¨Really? It can do that? ¨ And we said, ¨Yes, try it!¨ and she agreed. We prayed and then left.  Simple, but yet another testimony to me of the power of the Scriptures and of the Book of Mormon.

I have a lot of friends and family members going through hard times right now: whether it be with health, with lacking excitement and happiness in life, or with testimonies.

There is one solution that I can offer and promise, with my testimony, that will help. Read your scriptures! 5 minutes a day. It is the best medicine for any situation.

Elder Richard G. Scott said, ¨Pondering a passage of scripture can be a key to unlock the revelation and the guidance and inspiration of the Holy Ghost. Scriptures can calm an agitated soul, giving peace, hope, and a restoration of confidence in one´s ability to overcome the challenges of life. They have the potent power to HEAL emotional challenges when there is faith in the Savior. They can ACCELERATE physical healing.¨

Well. I hope you have a great week! I am off to Costanera Center, which is the tallest building in all of South America! Guess what it is? A mall. How awesome is that?! We can see it from our apartment. I am going to buy some new shoes (I can´t believe what my poor shoes have been through these past months!) and hopefully some light weight shirts to deal with this heat.

I love you all. I hope you know that. As I go throughout the day I have different memories and experiences pop into mind that I have had with you. I am so grateful for the support that I have, it makes a WORLD of difference when I receive emails about your lives. You are all amazing! Keep being happy, that is the easiest way to share the gospel in this world.


Hermana VanCott

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