Tuesday, October 29, 2013

I'm Not In Kansas Anymore

Hello family and friends!

I had the realization that it is probably pretty cold in Utah now, huh? Hard to imagine as I walk around in the blazing sun all day. Me and my companion force each other to drink water all morning during our studies, which has been really fun when our bladders are screaming for attention at midday and nobody will let us into their houses. We have become very familiar with the Lider´s (walmart) bathroom. But, without drinking water we start to get delusional and try to teach the stray dogs lessons. So, we do what we have to do.

I was thinking this week about when I decided to serve a mission. After I decided, I would look in the mirror as I got ready around 11 am everyday and imagine a missionary badge. I just thought, ¨Why not?¨ Now, as I get ready at the crack of dawn and put my badge on, looking in the mirror at my sleepy eyes and sun burnt face, I just think ¨WHY?!¨
Then I go out and serve and have the Spirit testify to me that what we are teaching is true, and I go to bed happy and exhausted. It is a cycle that I am going to be very familiar with at the end of the next year!

The other day I had an interesting experience. (I hope you aren't expecting a spiritual experience just because I am a missionary). We were going to lunch at our ward mission leader´s casa, and as soon as we passed the gate their dog started bolting for us. People here don't train their dogs, so I have gotten into the habit of bracing myself and putting my hand out to stop them from pawing my clean skirt. This dog just kept running and running. It was all slow motion for the last 3 seconds, as I was afraid it was going to be able to jump up to my head with the speed it was gaining. Then... SMACK. It just slams into my legs with its head. Turns out the dog is blind. Poor dog. I always think of how Anna would be crying constantly for the poor doggies if she were here.

Also, this whole nose operation thing is getting old. We have an older lady investigator who asked if I had an operation, and when I told her NO she began to explain the things she would choose to change if she had an operation. I will spare you the details. You´re welcome.

We had the primary program this last Sunday. Mom and Jenna, feel free to die when you read this. 1. All the little girls were in white dresses, and someone in the ward had sewn blue sashes for their dresses and bows for their hair. 2. The little boys were in full black suits with matching ties. 3. VISUAL AIDS, muchos.

It was a ¨Spectacular, spectacular!¨(Mulan Rouge quote...I would quote the scriptures if I could, but it just doesn't quite fit the situation). The kids were cute, but I just thought of my little primary class the whole time back home and how much I miss them. They sang ¨If the Savior Stood Beside me¨ and a girl from the ward who is deaf had taught them sign language to it. It was very sweet. I love the spirit that children bring...I just wish everyone would understand that they have that spirit with them and we don't need distractions.

We are TRYING to work with the ward...it is hard to have them catch the vision...but, our new ward mission leader is AWESOME and is going to help us unify our work with the ward´s! Members and missionaries need to work together if we want to see people STAY in the church. I have a testimony of that.

This is my last week of being trained. I am hoping for a transfer or 2 more with my companion because I love her very much and we work very well together, but we will see what happens. It´s the Lord´s decision.

Dad, I can´t believe you think I am getting all ´boring and spiritual´...haha. I will try to spice it up a bit. I tell my companion stories about our family which usually highlight our flaws. She laughs because I finish every bad story with ´But he´s a mission president´haha. We especially love how you say ¨Bunny¨ after someone says ¨Ether¨. We use it a lot. Also, I am slightly embarrassed that you read my letter with Elder Walker from the 70. Oh well. I just hope it was a JUDGEMENT FREE zone.

BAHHHHHHHHH Harry Potter music just started playing! Freaking Harry Potter. Its the only thing that I have randomly cried over on my mission. Tears are coming now. Screen is blurring. ahhh.

This week I am sad. Why? Because just my parents wrote me. I feel a wee bit unloved, friends and fam. I know you are BUSY...but YOU try going without information from the real world for a week and just see how hard it is. I love you all, but PLEASE pick it up! gracias :)

Well I love you all. Be good and stay safe. As Grace (my sister) always tells me (except not this week because apparently everyone hates me this week) ¨DONT OVERDOSE ON MEDICATION!¨(as if I have anything stronger than cough drops with me!)

Love from burning hot Chile,
Hermana VanCott

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