Monday, October 14, 2013

Another Day...Another Destiny!

Hermana Skablund! I love this Hermana!

Celebrating Mexican Independence! We made tacos and had mexican braids and mexi-staches.

I learned how to make empanadas.

This is Hermana Mckinely from MVHS! We were both trained by Hermana Tibbitts

Hey there family and friends,

How are ya´ll? I am kind of in a trunky mood right now and wanting to come home because we just discovered how to make smoothies, and for some reason that reminds me of home. Oh well. I´m here, and I am loving it! (p.s. there is a reason we write on Pday: we´re always happier. haha).
Where to begin. This week I felt very loved as I received some nice slobbery kisses from 2 old men (who couldn´t hear me say, ¨CAN´T! I’m a missionary!¨) and a man whispered into my ear, after brushing back my hair, a breathy ¨sooo beautiful...¨. Oh the joys. The mission has the opposite effect on me than on most missionaries...I never want to date again. haha. Just kidding.

The men that guard our apartment and open our gate are super awesome. They always comment on how we are ¨off to work!¨ and always ¨so happy¨. Last night they laughed as me and my comp ran in, a few minutes before curfew (don´t worry, we made it!) and said to us ¨Where have you been? You´re late, get to bed! ¨ Haha... sort of funny. It´s interesting the relationships you build with the random people you see every day. The drunken man that sits on the corner outside of the grocery store asks us to pray for him every time we pass... Anywaysies. ...

This week, my companion and I have been studying long and hard about how to help people realize the need for ONE true church. There are good Christians everywhere, but there is a reason that we are HERE trying to bring people to OUR church. We aren´t here for a fun little hiatus to learn a language and to experience a culture. We aren´t here to ¨find ourselves¨ spiritually speaking. We ARE here to invite people to come to Jesus Christ, to HIS church. THE Church of Jesus Christ has been restored to the earth, the SAME church that he established in Jerusalem (Bible) and the Americas (Book of Mormon).

As members, I think we don´t recognize that our church is literally organized THE exact same as Christ´s church when he was here. No other church is organized like ours...or, better said, like His. Here are a few points to hit on.

1. PROPHETS. They had them then, we have them now.

(Bible) Amos 3: 7, (Book of Mormon) Jacob 4:4-6, OUR DAY (Doctrine and Covenants) D&C 1:38

2. APOSTLES. They had them then, we have them now.

(Bible) Luke 6: 13, (Book of Mormon) 3 Nephi 12:1, OUR DAY (Doctrine and Covenants) D&C 107:23-24

3. THE QUORUM OF THE 70. They had them then, we have them now.

(Bible) Luke 10:1, OUR DAY (Doctrine and Covenants) D&C 107:26

4. AUTHORITY. Christ ordained, or gave, righteous men the authority to perform ordinances like baptism, the Gift of the Holy Ghost, and temple ordinances such as marriage for eternity.

(Bible) John 15:16, (Book of Mormon) 3 Nephi 12:1, OUR DAY (Doctrine and Covenants) D&C 2.
These are just a few examples from scriptures of how it is the SAME church throughout all of time. We could also do this with baptism, the sacrament, tithing, temples, covenants, conferences...etc.! It is amazing.

Our mission isn´t just to give people these facts, though. The ¨facts¨ are true, and you would THINK that they could convert people, but they don´t. What converts people are when they realize that THE CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST of LATTER-DAY SAINTS brings a purpose into their lives. When they realize that Heavenly Father loves them, and has given them commandments to protect them and help them to become like him. When they feel the Spirit it brings peace, happiness, and clarity into their minds and hearts.
I know that most people only read the ¨FUN STUFF¨I write and skip my super spectacular spiritual insights (ha), but I really would encourage you to gain a testimony of the fundamental organization of the church. The world is going to doubt more and more the NEED for a church as they find brief happiness in their money & things.

Go to church. Understand the need for organization. Testify that it really is the Church of Jesus Christ, he is guiding it. He organized it. He gave us the gospel as an example for how to live our lives in order to receive the blessings of eternal life, of salvation.
I love you all. Thanks for your support and your letters. I look forward all week to hearing news from home! You all are crazy, and I love it. Your stories and jokes and insights help me to get out of bed. (No joke.)

We have a new ward mission leader, and we are PRAYING that we can work closer with the ward. The work goes so much better when members are involved.
Working hard and hardly sleeping (thanks to the dance parties we hear all night that make me want to ZUMBA!),

Hermana Van Cott


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