Saturday, August 10, 2013

Shiny Happy People!

A Whole Bowl of Jello = Entertainment!
Hola Familia,
SURPRISE, today is Pday. Maybe you are thinking it is always on Tuesday, and maybe that´s why I didn´t hear from any of you. Or maybe you have just forgotten about me, and maybe you have decided you don´t need me in your life, and maybe you have adopted a new daughter and named her Lauren and you won´t even acknowledge your old daughter anymore. That´s ok.

Alright, so there is a lot to say. First thing first, thanks for posting my letters faithfully on my blog! I had a happy moment this last week when one of the North American sisters came up to me and said ´Are you Hermana VanCott? I read your blog with my family and we laughed about your experiences!¨ It made me feel like a celebrity for two minutes, and then the lunch lady asked me what I wanted to eat and all the magic was ruined. But anyways, thanks for helping me feel cool.

Well, the CCM is starting to feel like home. No, I lied. Its starting to feel like prison. We had 30 new North Americans come, so now we feel a little bit more like the Provo MTC...and if we had cold milk I am convinced it would be exactly like the Provo MTC.... oh well... 17 more months!

Life is great! I now laugh everyday, all day. That makes me sound crazy, but I guess its true, Im a little crazy! I go in the REAL LIVE MISSION FIELD next week!!! I am so excited for a change of scenery. We did get to switch classrooms. We´re now upstairs, and we don´t have a window, and our classroom is half the size as the old one. Now we all have to shower every day. (but dont worry Mommy, I always shower).

Oh, speaking of! Wanna hear a joke? Ok. Five girls, 25 min, 1 shower. We literally get ready in 5 minutes each. Shower, hair, make up, TOTAL. I used to think my 20 minute getting ready time was impressive.

Our new roommates are awesome! We have the mission nurse for Santiago East with us. She already finished her 6 weeks here, but now she is here for 8 because she got changed to our mission. Short story: sucks for her. BUT I love her and she is very helpful. She has two native companions, one is from Chile and the other is from Guatemala. The guatemalan learned English from working in a call center, and she helps me practive my español like a pro. We talk all the time, and not just churchy or simple question stuff. I love it. It makes me feel like I can survive in the real world. Anywho, both the new Latinas are really short and really nice, so life is good.

Some of the missionaries that come from around here have told me they knew the Laycocks! One girls, Hermana Del Barrio, has a picture of them in her wallet! haha. Its super cute, and I am excited to meet more people that know them in 8 days!

I got a priesthood blessing this week from the Elders in our district because my jaw started to hurt. I feel so blessed to always have access to priesthood authority, and I think it is amazing that the Lord trusts young people so much. Honestly, its amazing. No other church or business in the world would turn their most important work over to young people, and I think that is why we mature so rapidly. We know that we have a purpose in this life, and we want others to know all the blessings that they can have if they live righteously.

I am going to share what I wrote in my journal last night... ready?

My inner thighs are suffering because my exercise pants got a hole in the crotch. No more pilates in the park for me! Oh, and they didn´t split because I´m fat. They split because I have worn them every day for a month, and washed them every other day, and they are cheap.
My face is puffy. Also NOT because I am fat. Because my jaw likes to swell up randomly when I am stressed and clenching my teeth.
I´m not fat.

That´s all that I wrote. BUT thankfully, I was able to get into my luggage and grab my Livfit pants today, so my inner thighs are feeling dandy once more! And my face swelling went down after some medicine. Therefore, you have no need to worry, I am not fat. I´m not fat, ok? I´M NOT FAT.

We always joke with the elders and stress them out because we ask them if we look fat from eating to much bread. In all honesty, none of us have gained any weight. We just feel like we have because we sit all day every day and eat bread and other carbs.

Today, when we were in the real world for an hour to buy some things at the store, I talked to 3 people! Like, real conversations! I had to tell them to speak slowly for me, but they were fine with that. I know I still have a lot to learn, but its comforting to see how much I have improved! Next week I will get my new companion, and I sure hope she is a native! The chileans speak really fast and with a lot of slang, so its harder to understand them!

Well, I love you all! I will attach pictures- OH YES: I FOUND MY CAMERA CHARGER. Stupid me. It was on my window sill. Let´s be honest, you all knew I´d find it anyways, huh? Answered prayer!

Have a great week! Feel free to write me if you care about me, that would be great :).

Love you,
Hermana Lauren VanCott

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