Saturday, June 22, 2013

In 5 days...

I will be set apart from the world to serve as a missionary. 

My thoughts?

(and trust me, I never use THAT to describe my feelings). 

I am a little flustered, and I know I probably forgot to pack something super important. 

My head explodes anytime I think about:
A) Being in California
      & seeing a new home (where my family will be for 3 years)
B) Leaving the country
C) Flying to Peru, then Chile. 
D) Living in Chile for 18 months. 
E) Speaking Spanish.

Besides that, everything is fine. 
In other words, nothing is fine. 
But it will be, in 5 days. 

Because then I will be set apart for this missionary calling,
and really,
that is all that matters. 

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